Gender Bender Exhibition

As an artist, I know about the enrichment I gain when do not limit my pool of innovation on gender bias. Be human, be good, respect and love!
Happy to be with my “Partner in Crime”, who is also speaking –  Melanie Alexander​ and visit that incredible Exhibition “Gender Benders” and to meet as well such a great photographer, such as Daniel Samo Bolliger​ .

“Penis or vagina – one glance at birth and you are either male or female. But what if someone feels as someone else? An indefinable sex? Or as a woman in a male body? Or what if someone doesn’t want to be identified at all? The photo exhibition “Gender Benders“ at the festival “Les Belles de Nuit“ in Zurich has dealt with this topic of genders.Sarah Bischof accompanied the exhibition with her camera and discussed critically with artists, visitors and scientists about this topic and how something in our society called unnormal can become normal. Her new video “Pony Hü 31 – Gender Benders” gives some possible answers. Also 2016 Les Belles de Nuit are launching the Gender Bending Electronic Music. First till the 4th of September in Zurich with workshops and a rave in collaboration with Arche Musik. Become a part of the community.” You can see the whole Story here :


Rive Gauche Summer Party


“We’ve determined the winner of The Big Give Away and the lucky one is Gabriel Stoyanov! – Congratulations Gabriel. We’ll see you tonight at the party!
Have a lovely day, wherever you are!”

Thank you to Andrea Mohrmann, editor in chief of THE EXPAT MAGAZINE for the wonderful evening together at Rive Gauche Summer Party at Baur Au Lac!