“All we ask” is a video project where ballet dancers speak up

“Some say that sexual orientation and gender identity are sensitive issues. I understand. In my generation, I did not grow up talking about these subjects. I learned to speak out because lives are at stake, and because it is our duty to protect the rights of everyone, everywhere.”

Anina Mutter latest article on Newly Swissed about the fascinating project “All We Ask” by Myrna Kamara and Gabriel Stoyanov.
Top-notch ballet combined with an important message!
Artists: Myrna Kamara // Gabriel Stoyanov


The professional ballet dancers Gabriel Stoyanov and Myrna Kamara have recently been up to accomplishing a new and fascinating project. However, this time, the aim was not only to choreograph an extraordinary piece of art, but to transport an important message. Combining the information with a thoroughly captivating choreography on top-notch level, Myrna and Gabriel aim to reach as far as possible with what they have to say with their project called: „All we ask“.

All We Ask


Dancers and Choreography : Myrna Kamara  and Gabriel Stoyanov
Videographer : Andreas Gemperle /
Assistant : Simona Langenegger
Make up : Cherie Haener
Clothes : Anna de Giorgi for Gianni Versace / Versace , Wolford

September 13, 2016