“Successful professional dancers – Laura Fernandez-Gromova & Gabriel Stoyanov – tell stories through their dance!”

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Pain on the Quest of Perfection



A beautiful spectacle, or a life of pressure and pain on the quest for perfection? We’re left pondering this question as the world of ballet remains one of secrecy. Until we’ve talked to Laura and Gabriel. The practice is an eternal concept, where they would endlessly repeat graceful movements until every muscle fell delicately into place. And it’s certainly no easy feat. ‘Dancers prepare like actors if they have a ‘role’ with research and so on, but the repetition of the physical rehearsal in the quest for perfection is grueling. Bear in mind that they don’t just do one whole run of a show like in musical theatre or acting. They could be rehearsing for two different classics and a couple of triple bills all in one week. In other words, ballet has survived for centuries because hundreds of thousands of people decided that it should. That is what culture is, after all: people deciding, en masse, that something matters. Ballet is the result of almost 400 years worth of people all around the world — dancers, repetitors, ballet masters, set designers, the people who make pointe shoes by hand, and all the people who trained all those people — deciding that this old art form is still worth their time. Ballet is a quest for perfection that doesn’t exist, but still, there are precious, perfect moments. It is also important to bring your own feelings into the movement. Develop your own unique movement style. Each body has its own way of moving, but it takes time to find it. Laura Fernandez-Gromova studied at the Dance Academy Zurich under the direction of Oliver Matz and at the Vaganova Ballet Academy in Russia. She has already won 3 prizes at the Prix de Lausanne, one of the most important international competitions for young dancers. She is as well former ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Theater and currently performs as a soloist at the Stanislavsky Theater in Moskow. Gabriel Stoyanov is presently working as a guest artist and acclaimed ballet teacher. He was recently admitted to the most prestigious ballet school in the world of ballet, the “Vaganova Ballet Academy” in St. Petersburg, director People’s Artist of Russia – Nikolay Maximovich Tsiskaridze. “Choreographic art” is a specialty in which he specializes in obtaining a doctorate. Doctor of Science (Cultural Studies), Professor, Head of Post-Graduate Studies, and as well his mentor Irina Igorevna Irhen. Laura and Gabriel share a passion for movement and a love for telling stories through dance. They are both proud that they never gave up as children. They had to sacrifice a lot for it, almost the whole childhood, a big part of their free time. It was hard work with many ups and downs. You have to and want to give everything every day. For them, a dream has come true and they cannot imagine a life without ballet. The connection and the friendship that had developed over time made them want to create together. In times where art is struggling a lot, they’ve exploded with energy, ready to conquer the world by creating a video out of which is our new cover. Video about love, passion, emotion, fight, respecting your dance partner, sadness, happiness, distancing, connection…It literally has everything in it. They are absorbed in the dance. The dance that’s not just body movement, but their soul, their passion, their feelings. Those are the precious perfect moments. Moments that can not be repeated, but are worth trying.

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