Gabriel Stoyanov: The ballet world is evolving – I don’t think perfection is possible

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From “Rosna Kitka” to “Agripina Vaganova” Academy in St. Petersburg.

Gabriel Stoyanov is a ballet dancer, choreographer, classical dancer and not only – dance is an integral part of his destiny. In 2020, Gabriel was accepted to do a doctorate at the A. Ya. Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg.

About the journey from Bulgaria to Switzerland and to Russia, about the teachers and their significant role in life, about the love for the art of ballet, about what inspires him, and about the Academy of Russian Ballet “A. Ya. Vaganova” – tells in “Artefir” Gabriel Stoyanov:

Dance as destiny

“Ballet fascinates, admires aesthetics, all the perfection of forms … At the age of 5, my parents took me to the folk ensemble“ Rosna Kitka. ”Somehow they defined my destiny.

Bulgaria is also known for its traditions in ballet and professionalism in the art of ballet. The Pancho Vladigerov Music Academy has given me a lot. Assoc. Prof. Kalina Bogoeva, who was constantly by my side during all these 6 years of my studies, has helped me a lot.

Ballet is an art that has become a business card of Russia. The A.Ya. Vaganova Academy was established in 1738. It manages to preserve the whole history to this day, absolutely everything in classical dance, which has not been lost even to this day. If earlier it was seen how the artists dance and how much they are musical, today it is the same way. I think that the Academy “A. Ya. Vaganova ”and to this day is a huge pedestal of ballet art.

There was an upgrade of material that was handed over to me from Bulgaria. ”

The measure of perfection in ballet

“In general, I believe that in the ballet world there is no way to achieve perfection – it is work on yourself throughout life – both physically and not only. We must always develop, there must be a good foundation to relate to, this is Vaganova, of course, but the world is evolving in our time, over the years the ballet world is evolving a lot – I do not think that perfection can be achieved. ”

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